2019 Mattress Advisor Winner

2019 Mattress Advisor Winner

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Eye Mask for Sleeping | Sleep Mask Men/Women Better Than Silk Our Luxury Blackout Contoured Eye Masks are Comfortable - This Sleeping mask Set Includes Carry Pouch and Ear Plugs

Contoured & Comfortable

  • UPGRADE YOUR SLEEP WITH BEDTIME BLISS SLEEP MASK OR YOUR MONEY BACK - Our 100% blackout design is suitable for back, belly and side sleepers. With our 3D breathable design and free sleep ear plugs we guarantee you will get a better sleep if you are not totally satisfied we will refund you!
  • STRUGGLING WITH LIGHT POLLUTION OR NOISE POLLUTION? - If so then our patented design Bamboo and cotton Eye mask earplugs for sleep combo is the set for you. Go to sleep at night with bedtime bliss in total darkness and forget about the noise.
  • DON'T LIKE IT WHEN EYE MASKS TOUCH YOUR EYES? - We have the solution, our sleep eye mask is lightweight , comfortable & enables rem sleep with room to open your eyes the 3D design means it wont touch your eyes , catch on your eye lashes or make your eyes puffy.
  • RELAX IN TOTAL DARKNESS- Soft and comfortable Ideal for Travel, Afternoon Naps or When Your Partner Watches T.V Late At Night Or Likes To Read Next To You In Bed use our sleeping ear plugs to block out noise for a blissful sleep.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL FACE SHAPES OR YOUR MONEY BACK - The shape of the Bedtime bliss eye mask has been designed so it provides 100% black out to all face shapes and has an easy to use adjustable strap. It is suitable for men and women and children this sleeping eye mask is the business class of sleep upgrade today risk free with bedtime bliss or your money back!


BRAND: Bedtime Bliss 

UPC: 820103223447

$12.68 USD

Top-Rated Sleep Mask on Mattress Advisor 2019