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Sleep Mask by Bedtime Bliss - Contoured Comfortable With Moldex Ear Plug Set. Includes Carry Pouch for Eye Mask and Ear Plugs - for Travel - Shift Work - Meditation (Black)


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Wish You Could Sleep Better? You Need Bedtime Bliss®
Have you ever purchased a sleep mask that's poor quality, lets the light in, is uncomfortable and worst of all, breaks after a few uses? Do you struggle to sleep at night because the street lamps are too bright? Does your husband watch T.V late into the night or does your wife read in bed into the small hours?

Problem Solved!
With the Bedtime Bliss® mask, you can block out annoying light to get to sleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed to take on the day!

Choose the Best with Bedtime Bliss®
The contoured design of our sleep mask means that it’s much more comfortable than the traditional style masks. It blocks out the light without putting pressure on your eyes and giving you the freedom to open your eyes, allowing REM sleep. It’s the perfect solution to ensure that you get a good night's sleep to wake up feeling refreshed for the next day.

Benefits of Bedtime Bliss®

- Designed for comfort and relaxation

-Contoured design allows for complete eye movement

-Ideal for men, women and children

- Excellent for Travel

-Won't smudge makeup

-Adjustable straps to fit all head sizes & won’t put pressure on your eyes

-Won’t interfere with REM sleep

-Perfect for shift workers or a nap during the day

-Great for travel

-Lightweight and easily washable

-Oeko-Tex certified

-Includes Earplugs & Carry Case

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