2019 Mattress Advisor Winner

2019 Mattress Advisor Winner

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About Us

At Bedtime Bliss we believe that feeling great begins with a good nights sleep.

We want you to feel amazing and as a producer of quality sleep products, we see it as our duty to do all we can to provide you with top of the range, natural and nourishing products that will help you to sleep well and boost your vitality.

Many of our customers come to us with complaints of fatique, low energy, poor sleep and even weight gain - all of which can be addressed by something as simple as improving their quality of sleep. Since this is our domain, we've made it our number one priority to improve the sleep of as many people as we possibly can, helping them to live a more full and rewarding life.

We invite you to take a look around our site, check out our product selection, and see how we can support your specific needs. We have an expanding line of products and we work with some of the top manufactures in the country to bring you the best selling, highest quality products available. 

If you need anything, have any suggestions or queries…don’t hesitate to contact us via email or online chat. We LOVE talking with you.

When you shop with us, we know you're trusting us with your purchase and from our heart to yours, we promise you we will not betray your trust! You can shop with peace of mind on our website as all payments are processed using the most secure payment processes available, our products are of the utmost quality and we go to great lengths to ensure the shipping process is fast and efficient. 

Plus we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, an amazing 365 day return policy and an outstanding customer service department that is happy to help you with anything you might need…

This is our passion and our customers are our family.

Shop with us and we will treat you that way!

Stuart Asta and the Bedtime Bliss Team

Natural Revolution Ltd
329 Durham Street
New Zealand